Roanoke produce delivery of chemical-free and hard-to-find locally grown items. If you’re looking for unusual produce selections in Roanoke, Virginia, you’re in for a treat with Halcyon Acres. We’re gearing up for 2021 now (who isn’t looking ahead to put this year behind us?) with some exciting crops planned. Our chemical-free produce includes lots of hard-to-find-locally delights to excite your palate.

We’re still offering delivery to homes and businesses of a fun and good selection mix. This year we’ll also offer orders of specific items and quantities this coming year. For example, our fresh garlic, scapes, ripe elderberries, and figs are only available during a tight window in the season (usually about three weeks for each). We’ll be taking advance orders for these as they go quickly. Call (585) 554-4612 if you want early dibs on our limited quantities. No CSA fee, just a $10 deposit to secure your priority spot (which will be credited toward your first order).

Special featured items this year will include purple asparagus (the most tender you’ve ever tasted raw), strawberries, raw garlic & garlic scapes (short season in June and July), carrots, fresh peas, Adirondack Blue potatoes (they’re purple inside even after you cook them), spaghetti squash, white scalloped squash, tender lettuces, blackberries, elderberries, Chinese cabbage, turnips & beets (both with fresh greens), leeks, fresh herbs galore (a dozen varieties) and a host of other items that are hard to find locally as well as some heirloom varieties of more common treats too.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates on what’s in season. We’ll also be adding and updating a price page starting in the spring.

Want mail-order fresh herbs delivered monthly? We have an affordable alternative to the disappointing selection found in most supermarkets along with tips for preserving with each item we send.

For those with horses in the mix or on the horizon in the Roanoke area, we offer an affordable assessment service for existing challenging cases you own or a new purchase you’re considering at $150 plus mileage. Please consider reaching out before you buy a horse. Getting a qualified assessment from a knowledgeable and detached pair of eyes is so important when you don’t have a trusted trainer already in the mix. Prices for this service are affordable for even the tightest budgets (much less than it will cost you to feed and vet this critter for the first month).¬†We can help you avoid the headaches that come when you make a heartfelt purchase without considering the costs of a bad fit. Sadly, calls come more frequently from those who already committed and are now confused about how to get the horse they purchased (or worse – saved) to do what they want to do. We can help here too.

Discover the difference. Give us a call today at (585) 554-4612 if you seek more exciting encounters with the food you eat and the horses you relish.