We’ve relocated to the Roanoke Virginia area.

Want just picked vegetables, fruits and herb delights delivered to your door (home or office) weekly? Eight spots are remaining for our 2016 crops. Available to residents in the southern parts of Roanoke County and City. Call (540) 400-7106 if you want to secure a spot or get on the waiting list if you’re not fast enough ;-).

Site updates will be happening slowly in the coming months but should be complete prior to the spring harvest season.

If you have a horse challenge (particularly relating to young horse training or problem cases) in the Roanoke area, email Nanette@HorseSenseAndCents.com. We’ll “chat” to determine if it makes sense to schedule an assessment and/or a series of training session visits or explore possibilities for fixes you can implement on your own. Usually, a single visit can get to the core of the issue. More time is usually required to render a fix.

Please consider reaching out before you buy a horse. Getting a qualified assessment from a knowledgeable and detached pair of eyes is so important when you don’t have a trusted trainer already in the mix. Prices for this service are affordable for even the tightest budgets (less than it will cost you to feed and vet this critter for the first month).

We can help you avoid the headaches that come when you make a heartfelt purchase without considering the costs of a bad fit. Sadly, calls come more frequently from those who already committed and are now confused about how to get the horse they purchased (or worse – saved) to do what they want to do. We do this too.

Back to the garden, we don’t use chemicals. Most crops result from seeds planted indoors and out. The property is in a flood zone, so the soil is naturally rich. Our defense against insects and other unwanted squatters is companion planting, mulch, organic tricks, a good deal of hand-tending and Remi, a mutt who keeps the bigger pests at bay.

For those wondering what Halcyon means, the Random House College Dictionary includes terms such as calm, peaceful, tranquil, joyful and carefree. That’s us – and this place. The uncanny spiritual forces of the property do so much more for all that are touched. This is one of those things that isn’t easily explained, but is worth experiencing.   

Discover the difference. Give us a call today at (540) 400-7106 if you seek more exciting encounters with the food you eat and the horses you relish.