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Halcyon Acres offers chemical-free planted herb deliveries in Roanoke

It’s early in the season but growing vegetables and herbs is so much more fun in a climate where frost concerns don’t extend until the end of May. We’re already harvesting planted outdoor crops, including lettuce, spinach, radishes, strawberries and herbs. It looks like we’ll have some baby carrots soon too.

Eager to jump into the growing season early, we’ve experimented on what works, and what doesn’t. We now have herbs in planters and decorative indoor herb wall hangings healthy and available. Want to customize what’s inside the containers? We can now offer this year-round on the herb planters and decorative units (although it may take a month or so have your selection healthy and ready for delivery).

Have a favorite group of herbs? We custom plant your selection from seed. Flowers able to mature short and handle small spaces for roots are available as an alternative or component of an herb mix during summer months.

These containers are designed with the black thumb in mind.

The planters provide drainage ample enough to ensure your herbs stay healthy even when left out in the pouring rain. It’s almost impossible to overwater (the biggest reason most kill potted plants). Outdoor hearty is important too. We won’t deliver after seed starts they’re comfortable to live indoors or out, with sufficient size and exposure to adjust to your challenging conditions (think American Tourister).

Indoor herb decorate units at http://HalcyonAcres.comThe decorative wall units are ideal as a gift for the passionate cooker seeking to eat healthier (it’s great as a present for yourself too). Fresh herbs offer such flavor (plus the smells are heavenly) that sauces, dressings and processed junk gets easy to leave behind with better ingredients at your fingertips.

These are also designed for those not yet claiming a green thumb. Soil and plants are separated from the decorative rocks below with a cardboard divider. You’ll quickly see if overwatering is an issue as rocks get submerged in liquid. If you want to try the DIY route, there’s a two-part post on Roanoke Revealed that provides a shopping list and, on the following Friday (DIY is Friday’s theme – much of this features projects to feed the plant-lovers soul), assembly instructions.

These custom herb planters and decorative units are delivered free to residents in Roanoke. Give a friend, relative, business associate or yourself a present that brings smiles daily for some time to come. You’ll be remembered for your unique and thoughtful gift.

Call (540) 400-7106 or e-mail Nanette at to learn more or to place your order.