Equine Assessment

Have a horse you purchased that’s not fitting in with the herd or your plans? What’s that costing you in stress, vet bills, time and frustration? We can come out, gain an understanding of the horse’s issues, personality and capabilities (on the ground and/or with riding time) and provide recommendations on how you can get where you want to go, along with some on-site training to help you get going there. During our time at your site, we’ll not only put in time to reach the horse on levels generally beyond expectations, but also offer instruction to you to achieve similar results (or understand why that’s not happening). No formula training involved – this is about understanding how you can build a bond in a customized fashion with your particular horse. If your horse isn’t a good fit for your plans, we’ll let you know that too and offer ideas and resources to find a better fit (both for you and your horse).

Thinking about buying a horse or are all giddy about getting one for free? Stop. Think. Reconsider going this alone. It costs just as much (actually, usually more) to feed, vet, trim, house, equip an unsuitable horse as it does a perfect fit for you. When you add in the additional costs that come from frustration, heartbreak and injury, costs can be immense. Knowing how to read the horse (and the seller) can mean the different between disappointment and the thrill that comes with finding your perfect partner for life. We’ll come to you or your purchase location for as low as $200 plus travel expenses to help you avoid shelling out thousands on the wrong horse (even if he’s free – what you’ll pay to keep him will come to this quickly).


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