Fresh Garlic is in season

If you’ve ever tasted fresh garlic you know how delightful it is. Soft enough to eat raw, it has a bit of an earthy flavor and is less pungent than what you typically find dried.

Fresh garlic is now in season in RoanokeTry it in salads, eggs, grated on pasta after it’s cooked or anywhere else you’re looking for a little extra flavor quickly. Of course, you can also saute it, but there no need for that. Fresh garlic becomes you’re used to buying in the supermarket after it’s had a couple of weeks to dry. Hang what you don’t use quickly in a warm, dry place and enjoy it for many months to come.

We’re also starting to harvest some baby carrots, young romaine lettuce, turnips, radishes and some gold nugget mini tomatoes. Of course, we continue to have a variety of fresh herbs available including dill, mint, oregano, thyme, chives and sage.

Let us know if we can deliver a custom order to you.