We breed, train and sell quality Irish Draught Sport Horses and quiet, sensible Thoroughbreds. Our priorities in the mares we choose are excellent temperaments, good conformation, heart, health and a pretty head. Sounds funny, but the head does make a difference for most buyers, and this breeds through.

The foals that drop here are very correct. Sadly, this is a factor neglected by many breeders producing both Irish Draught Sport Horses and Thoroughbreds. Conformation affects soundness and performance longevity. You’ll always be at a disadvantage if you don’t have a horse that’s built to last.

In addition to the farm herd, we also work with client horses that come in for starting under saddle training and/or reprogramming. The farm has gained a reputation as the go-to resource in the area for horses with issues.

Our equine suitability assessments are generating some buzz. If you already have a horse and are wondering if he’s able to adopt to you and what you want to do or are considering buying a horse but don’t have a trainer to provide an objective perspective, we can help. Novices and amateurs are embracing this service as they begin to realize the cost of keeping an unsuitable horse or buying the wrong one.

We’ll come to your home, boarding barn or the site a prospective purchase is located for as little as $100 plus mileage. We’ll look at temperament, conformation, history, suitability, possible soundness issues and other factors that may be relevant. When appropriate, we’ll ride the horse too. Don’t buy your next horse or hold on to one that may never be able to do what you want without someone able to provide seasoned knowledge and an objective perspective. You’ll spend more on your first (or next) blacksmith bill or first week’s feed/board bill than you will on getting some input to determine if this is the right decision for you.

Online Consulting

Have horse issues and no one knowledgeable, affordable or close to turn to for help? We offer personal and customized support on an ongoing basis through our e-coaching programs on everything from horse training and foal handling to troubleshooting problems you’re having riding or addressing horse behavioral issues.

Overwhelmed with sifting through information gathered via Google searches, books, live events that don’t answer your questions and retailers focused on selling product trying to determine what’s right and what’s hype? Are you still struggling to produce live, healthy plants? We can help you learn the tricks to being successful starting from seed, instituting companion planting strategies to reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals, creating an herb garden that thrives with little attention year after year and save you tons on perennials by starting your own with simple strategies customized to your needs. Sign up for our trial offer at $25 and you’ll be exchanging that black thumb for a green one.

Free Halcyon Acres® horse and produce tools you can use

Looking for a daily dose of ideas, resources, great finds, secrets discovered, lessons learned or industry news? We’ll mix it up between horses and produce because that’s what we do at Halcyon Acres®, but it will be a fun look at how what’s normal isn’t always right. Sign up for our daily quick tip feature or, if you prefer lengthier, less frequent information with easy-to-implement details, sign up for our Horse manure tastes good, done right (link).


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