Halcyon Acres relocated to Roanoke in 2016. We’re still experimenting with crops to get that perfect mix, but after two years, have learned a lot from successes and mistakes.

Want fresh herbs delivered to your door weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? We’re offering this throughout the United States for $15 per order with discounts for order more frequently than monthly. Fresh herbs are available to a limited number of clients year-round (first come, first served).

All orders are customized based on particular tastes and preferences. We’ll also plant special requests (subject to land and environment constraints).

Are you looking for more affordable, healthier and easier alternatives to feeding your family? You might be amazed how delicious meals become with a variety of locally grown treats delivered fresh to your door.

Even meat loving clients change their diets and family meal regimens once introduced to the burst of flavor that comes from produce that’s not engineered for travel, shelf life or insect repulsion. Add herbs and your taste for processed foods will diminish. Grocery store bills shrink, energy increases and meal preparation time decreases (recipe ideas for in-season produce are provided as part of the delivery packages).

It’s like Christmas each week when produce packages arrive.

Call (585) 554-4612Roanoke grown produce delivered right after it's picked to your door - all chemical-free.. if you want a new experience discovering how much fun healthy food can be.

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