Halcyon Acres chemical-free produce in Roanoke

Need an unusual, fun gift idea?

Fresh delivered local produce is a great holiday treat

Are you wracking your brain trying to find the right gift for that special someone? Stop fretting about mail delivery delays, giving a gift that will be appreciated, or shopping for someone who goes on a personal shopping spree the week before Christmas. Halcyon Acres can help you customize an affordable package of fresh-picked, chemical-free, delicious local produce that keeps giving throughout the year.

Impersonal gift cards or Amazon free shipping doesn’t have to be the answer to your gift buying concerns. You can find something better right in their own backyard (or mine). Put a smile on your face and you’re loved ones too with a gift that will make them feel good in so many ways.  

Halcyon Acres chemical-free produce in Roanoke

Our grown-with-care and hand-picked produce & herbs are lovingly delivered to homes and businesses in the Roanoke area. We eat what we grow so you know it’s safe and tasty. Orders are customized to suit your recipient’s tastes and your budget. Free deliveries within a 5-mile radius on multiple seasonal bundles (starting at $180, April through November).

Here’s how our Roanoke produce delivery works

  1. We’ll have a conversation about your budget and your recipient’s preferences.
  2. A customized package gets designed (usually 4-5 deliveries, but some choose more) in line with what you want to spend; then you provide an email address, location, and phone number for deliveries.
  3. You’ll get a gift certificate (check or electronic payments accepted) to send to your intended recipient indicating the package specifics with Halcyon Acres contact information included. No CSA fees or other buy-in costs – you simply pay for the produce to be delivered.
  4. In April, I’ll contact your gift recipient (and keep you posted along the way by email) to talk logistics.
  5. As I get more familiar with your loved one’s preferences, orders will be further customized (and in some cases with custom requested plantings) to suit tastes and needs.
  6. Delicious selections of chemical-free, hand-picked, caringly-selected fruits, herbs, and vegetables will be delivered throughout the spring, summer, and fall to the home or business location requested.

Still wondering if this is a good gift idea?

  • Do you have someone who’s hard to buy for on your Christmas list?
  • Is there a relative you’d like to honor with a gift that doesn’t add to clutter and can be appreciated for a long time to come?
  • Would you like to help someone find healthier eating alternatives?
  • Are you feeling stressed, frazzled, and frustrated with your gift buying to do list?
  • Do you feel good when you make choices to support small businesses?
  • Does chemical-free, hand-picked, today-fresh produce sound good to you?

Halcyon Acres is here to help.

Anyone who would appreciate having in-season, just-picked fruit and vegetable goodies delivered to their home or office door will enjoy this gift.

We can do single deliveries too (starting at $45). Seasonal package clients, however, get first dibs on short season and small quantity item selections. This includes peas, figs, fresh garlic, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, strawberries, elderberries, blackberries, and potatoes.

Fresh picked delivered to you herbs in Roanoke VA
Do you like fresh herbs? Halcyon Acres grows a wide range to suit your particular tastes. Picked same-day for delivery to you.

If you’re looking for a special gift that can be appreciated throughout most of the year, consider a healthy, kind, and memorable present that will keep on giving. Your loved one will get recipe ideas for seasonal produce too. It’s like Christmas all spring, summer and fall long as they unpack a new gift with healthy eating surprises.

Find a better gift this year that will keep them talking about your thoughtfulness. Call Nanette at (585) 554-4612 to find out how.