SOLD – Kid-safe, adult-fun small Quarter Horse type mare

Meet Midge.

She’s a hoot and game for any request. This gutsy, little 13 YO 14.3hh mare loves to train, is unflappable on the trails, enjoys new challenges, jumps, has some foundation dressage training, is very responsive to hand and leg cues and takes care of any age rider on her back with a wisdom that often exceeds the smarts of her rider. A rare find for a kid seeking a bold and fun caretaker, an amateur competitor looking for a horse that knows how and when to shine, a thrill-seeker wanting to bring along a ‘cow pony’ or gaming horse or a pleasure rider who wants to have lots of fun with a horse that will do what they ask while keeping them safe. Sound, tough and eager to please.

Good conformation, sound and sane. You’ll enjoy her great manners in the stall, the pasture and under saddle. This gal is ideal as a gymkhana, competitive trail, Pony Club, dressage competitor or local show prospect. It’s likely she’d be a star at team penning too (she’s handy, can corner and is very attentive to rider cues). If you’re an adult who longs for the horse you wished you had in your youth when you sought a companion that was game for whatever stupid stuff you dreamed up and/or a parent who’d like to give your kid the mount you would have relished knowing she’ll keep them safe, Midge should put a smile on your face.

Seeking a horse that can do double duty? Midge is a proven producer of correct, smart, sound, kind, versatile, nice moving and pretty Irish Draught Sport Horses. Want to see one of her foals? Here’s Judie (Registered Irish Draught Sport Horse aka Halcyon’s Keepsake) captured during her first arena ride (prior training had been on the trails – those correct canter lead transitions were the first she was ever asked for):

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